Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Still Here!!!

And I've got lots to post!

  • all of the goodies I found at our homeschool bookfair in May
  • how we're trying to wrap up school over the summer (now that my daughter's back from China and we're counting down the weeks until we go to Africa!)
  • all of my thoughts about homeschooling an older, adopted child
  • what I've been finding as I've researched ESL instruction
  • how EXCITED I am to be homeschooling our new son when he gets here
  • a different approach I'll be taking with my younger 2 next year
  • fun stuff I've been wanting to order
  • Deep Meaningful Homeschool Mom thoughts. You know, because I have so many. LOL
SO... now that our adoption has calmed down for the time being and VBS is over, I plan to get back to this blog!

We received some fun adoption news today, so if you don't usually read my "regular" blog, pop on over (in the sidebar. :)

Have a great week!


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