Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall Break

Lest my "Just Say No" post from last week make it seem like it's all-academic-rigor-all-the-time at our house, I thought I'd describe our week this week:

Monday- School Holiday. In honor of Bethany's 13th birthday, all students and teachers have a holiday. Every year we take a day off whenever one of the students or faculty has been born or has given birth. It makes birthdays all the more eagerly-anticipated for all of us! In the evening Bethany had guitar and musical theater class and Kyle had golf class.

Tuesday- A Day to Get Over The Birthday Celebration. The only subject to truly get done was Awana, and bit of reading aloud. I got caught up on Awana administrative work that didn't get done during The Birthday Celebration. Kyle had swimming at the Y. A friend came by on his bike and the kids enjoyed a visit. We rescued a stray turtle (the second one this week!) and returned him to the lake.

Wednesday- Field Trip! A huge homeschool group outing to play laser tag. Fun! For Bethany the afternoon will be spent finishing work (science, writing, Texas history, literature) for Thursday's co-op (that she does with her best friend). Kyle will spend some time reading his literature and about 15 minutes working on his math facts with the Flashmaster.

Thursday- Bethany goes to co-op, Kyle and I will read science and history and play a math game. Cousin's birthday party that evening.

Friday- who knows? We may rest. We may read. We may enjoy a walk the cooler weather. We may go rent a movie. The kids need to run around outside in the 70-something degree weather. Mom needs to breathe.

I'm calling this week our "Fall Break" even though there is a bit of school sprinkled in. We have six good weeks under our belts, so a light week won't hurt and will definitely help. I'm using some of the time this week to go through their work, average some grades, and make some planning adjustments accordingly if necessary.

So.. it's "fall":
Field trip
A day off for a birthday
Laser tag
Lighter schedule!

"To everything there is a season..."

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