Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Have you discovered...

... cosmeo.com yet? We have had a trial membership for about a month now, and I have decided we will subscribe because it is proving to be worth the $8.85 (two medium Starbucks!) a month.

At this moment, Kyle is in the study watching video excerpts and reading articles that go along with key words from his science chapter. In preparing for our next science co-op lecture, I found some great little video segments on "Kingdom Monera" and bacteria. So far we have mainly been utilizing the site for science, but all subject areas are covered.

You can have a one month free trial before the paid subscription begins, so the holiday breaks might be a great time to spend some time letting the kids scope it out. I know it's helped me to feel like I have a few more resources at my fingertips, which I can always use!


Rebecca said...

Hi Cyndi,

We were so excited to see that you're enjoying Cosmeo! We'd love to hear more about what you find useful about the service.

Have a great day --

Rebecca and the team at Cosmeo

Stephen said...

Hi Cyndi:
I just want to add a note that Discovery is now offering students the opportunity to succeed academically while raising money for their school. This program is called Learning Adds UP, which you can find at www.learningaddsup.com.

Learning Adds UP is a unique fundraising opportunity for parents to purchase COSMEO, the new online homework helper from the Discovery Channel. Resource centers, schools, districts or parent organizations can register for FREE at http://www.learningaddsup.com , and when a parent purchases COSMEO http://cosmeo.com for their children by selecting their school's registered account, Discovery Education will give back 15-25% of the proceeds to the school. Already, over 4,000 schools across the country have taken advantage of this program.

That is money that can be used by schools for anything: New sports equipment, science labs, instructional technology, whatever.

Visit www.learningaddsup.com for more information and to sign your school up.

Enjoy Cosmeo!


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