Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's on the "school menu" this week?

A few years ago I was back-to-school shopping at Sam's Club and found a flourescent marker board (like they use in restaurants) and I thought it looked like so much fun... for something. (I just can't pass up stuff at Sam's!) So, I bought it and hung it in our schoolroom. I decided to put our "weekly specials" on it. Each week (usually Sunday) when I'm finalizing our lesson plans for the coming week I check through our calendar for any outside activities or things we want to (1) remember or (2) look forward to. I added some fun border around it (from the teacher's store.)

It's fun to change it out with fun lettering each week and the kids like to glance up there and see what the "specials" are! This afternoon as I was "changing the menu" for the coming week, I thought I'd stick a picture of it on my blog in case it might work for someone else.

Have a fun week, whatever you've got cookin' in your school!

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Jennifer said...

that is a really cute idea, I really like it. How fun!

Jenny in Ca


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