Monday, March 26, 2007

Because I Can

That's sometimes my answer to people when they ask why I homeschool. Simply put, that's it in a nutshell. Love it!

That's also why I'm calling off school at our house for the next two weeks. :)

I need t-i-m-e to work on our house (which we're getting ready to put on the market), prepare our end-of-the-year Awana awards ceremonies and leader dinner, and plan for our upcoming mission trip to China. There is NO room in my brain at the moment for grammar sheets and math problems, and I need all hands on deck to help out. I'm LOVING the fact that we've "stuck with it" this year in our weekly school schedule, because it has really given us the margin to take a couple of weeks off and tend to life. (We didn't take "spring break" a couple of weeks ago when everyone else did, so we've got major spring fever!)

Oh, and I haven't told the kids yet. They're gonna flip. Breakfast will be fun this morning... :)

Have a great week!


Jenny in Ca said...

how very cool Cyndi! High five to you for keeping everything on-track so you could take this time off! We want to hear about the trip to China...

Sherri said...

Woo hoo! I wish I could be at your house for breakfast in the morning. How fun! They will get up thinking that they are going to do school only to find out that they are getting a very long, nice, much needed spring break!
Our week off for spring break will be next week. I am so looking forward to it!!!
I hope you get everything done and still find some time to relax and enjoy yourself!! Make that happen!!!

playingschool said...

Way to go! I know it must feel good to know you're on track and can take a break. We are going on a spring break trip next week - just my dd and my mil. :-) We'll be gone 12 days!!! I can't wait!


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