Monday, May 07, 2007

In case you've been living under a rock like I have...

there's some interesting, thought-provoking blogging going on!

I think it started here. Then there was a rebuttal here. And another response here. Somewhere in all that time, this article was posted on Pulpit. If you have time, it is an excellent discussion. The links in the posts, and some of the comments make for some good reading! Of course, I have thoughts... lots of thoughts. But I'll post just this one for now:

We homeschool because of what homeschooling is, not because of what public school isn't. And I don't think everyone should homeschool. (Okay, I guess that was two thoughts...)

If my two brain cells rub together this week and I have any more thoughts on this to post, I will. I'd love to post about why we homeschool, and I will at some point (probably after I get back from China) but I touched on the public school vs. homeschool debate a few months ago in this post.

So anyway, you've probably already read all of the above links (except mine!) and I'm the last Christian homeschooling blogger to know there was a buzz going on. I'd love to know your thoughts, too. And if you've posted about it on your blog, let me know!


Summer M said...

I touched on it a bit at my blog, but more about whether public schooling is failing students in general.

Jenny in Ca said...

umm, I had no idea this topic was being discussed. I guess I am the last blogger to know, not you! Thanks for the interesting topic and links.

and I think I agree with you, we have come to the point where even if we were given a scholarship to a really nice christian private school, we would still choose homeschooling. We choose homeschooling for what it is, as you wrote,not for what our other options aren't. Tho I do really think public schools have failed big time, and I think they are getting to the point of existing for the employees not the students. ..the machine working to feed the machine.


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