Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Confessions of a Yahoo Group Junkie

Hi, my name's Cyndi and I'm addicted to Yahoo Groups.

There, I've said it. BUT- I'm not admitting it's a problem so I guess I'm not at step one. In fact, I'm here to encourage you to do it too! I just joined another one today. (And no, it's not a Texas thing... that would be a "Yeehaw" group. Ha ha.)

Ya'll. There are Yahoo Groups for everything. And everyday my email box has wonderful email (in digest form) of some of the most wonderful knowlege on the world-wide-interweb from some of the smartest and most resourceful people on earth- homeschoolers. (But you don't have to have it emailed to you... you can choose the " no email" option and just go there and read the posts.) Every time I buy new curriculum, I search to see if there's a Yahoo group for it... and guess what? There usually is. Some sweet soul out there has committed to be a moderator and set it up, and we all discuss it! So far I've joined: my local homeschool group, Story of the World vol. 4, Math-U-See, Teaching Textbooks, Latina Christiana, Homeschool Form Share, Well-Trained Mind Discussion, IEW Families, Organize-to-Homeschool, Latin Classical Ed., The Well-Educated Mind, Omnibus I, and as of today, Lapbooking.

So... have you discovered Yahoo groups yet? Are there any that I need to know about? :::rubbing my hands together:::::


Sherry said...

Is 53 too many? I've been on for several years, so my "collection" has really grown. I can't even monitor them all anymore. I've just gone No Mail in case I ever get the time/interest to go back to some of them. I've really learned a lot though. :-)

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