Friday, October 05, 2007


... seems to be my "posting day" lately! I just posted on my other blog about our family events and our 80's party (TOO fun), but I thought I'd post some school updates over here.

We are ending another great week of school. We haven't had as many projects this week, and much of what we have been doing is with our noses in books, but it's been fun. My son started Perilous Road for literature this week, and is absolutely devouring it. We hit the Civil War in our Story of the World book this week, so we will be taking a week or so to camp out there. I downloaded the Civil War lapbook (in ebook format) from Knowledge Box Central, and we'll be working on that next week.

One of my daughter's favorite subjects this year is World Geography. Today she will be painting the landform salt map she did last week, but one project she enjoyed this week was making a collage of the "climates of the world" on the computer. She loves exploring with different fonts and wordart, so researching pictures on the internet of the different world climates was a fun way for her to be techno-artsy. And, now it's posted in the schoolroom for a "learning chart" of sorts for us to all enjoy.

We are also still working slowly through Chosen By God in her Omnibus I. It is so, so good. This week she had some outside commitments and needed to get caught up in some of her other subjects, I had her pause in her reading and copy the chapter summaries and some of the diagrams in her notebook. This book is fostering some great discussions. I haven't decided if I am going to go straight into Till We Have Faces immediately following this, or choose something off of the Sonlight 100 list. I'm leaning toward letting her read something a little "lighter" for a few weeks. ("Son"lighter, as it were, LOL. Oh, I think I need more coffee. Or maybe less.)

In science this week she's been studying the sun. She is SO my child. We were reading together earlier in the week, studying the up-close pictures of the sun and discussing the "granules" that make up its surface (see picture). She looked at it while I talked about it, then opened her mouth to say what I supposed was going to be a thoughtful observation about what we had just read. She said, "Hm. I'm in the mood for some candy corn." I looked at the picture and knew just what she meant, and suddenly I was in the mood for some, too. And just in time for October! So, I've got "candy corn" on my grocery list for next week... And we just might use some to make a collage of the sun!

It's hard to believe we're ending our first six weeks next week. Time flies when you're having fun!

I hope you have had a fun week, too. Have a blessed weekend!


Amberly said...

You must buy peanuts to mix with your candy corn! A little sweet and a little salty! YUMMY!!

lori said...

I have a geography buff too..she LOVES it and keeps asking what can you do if you love geography...I keep telling her, go ALL around the world..telling people about God..:)

AND she has discovered power point and word art..she is her mother's child...she sooooo carefully selects the right font!!:)
I love stopping by, I keep saying that! But it sounds like such a great homeschool house!!

Sherri said...

Go 80's! I love dressing Madison and her friends in the 80' the music even though it is cheesy at times. I was a teenager of the 80's...child of the 70's!


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