Monday, October 30, 2006

Flipping for History

One of Bethany's Texas History assignments is to find and photograph the variety of places where the distinctive "shape" of the state of Texas is found. It's amazing how it is found everywhere- on billboards, highway pillars, paving stones, bricks, signs, and fence work. She's had her eye out, and has taken dozens of pictures. Our whole family has caught ourselves noticing "Texas" everywhere!

Sunday morning she saw "Texas" in a new place- on the griddle!
Luke was making us pancakes Sunday morning when he decided to try his hand, er, ladle at fashioning our great state. Of course, it was picture-worthy. And big! The kids decided to share it. When I asked Bethany how I should divide it, she said, "I'm only hungry enough to eat the Coastal Plains."

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