Friday, October 27, 2006


It is SO great to co-op with a good friend! I just spent the afternoon with my dear friend, whose daughter co-ops with my daughter for four subjects: science, writing, Texas History, and literature. We have had a wonderful start to our year so far, meeting one day each week, but the science the girls have been doing has been all-consuming.

I have to admit, I didn't think BJU Life Science was going to be that hard. I am quite impressed with how thorough and detailed it is! The chapters are very information-rich, and the activities in the activity manual are quite good. But it is... alot. For us. (We've been doing it all.) The girls have been such troopers so far, but the curriculum was beginning to overtake some other areas, so we took some time today to rethink how we're teaching it, and to streamline the curriculum a bit so that it won't take so much time away from other core subjects. This is one of the benefits of homeschooling, in my opinion. As the teacher, I can look at the whole picture, not just a certain subject area. And as the parent, I can consider the whole child.

So... don't be afraid to revamp things a bit when curriculum starts to suck the life right out of you!

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