Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Click over to Africa!

We've been seeing "Africa" everywhere! We are in the midst of praying about our mission work for 2007, and talking about how much we miss Ghana. It's been SO on our minds lately. (We were able to go as a family in 2004 and 2005.) I was at a friend's house recently and she has a marble globe on her coffee table. I was standing over it and glanced down, and the continent of Africa was facing directly up at me. A few days later I was at a gas station, and there was a huge grease spot on the ground, in the perfect shape of Africa. (The kids confirmed it as well!) Yesterday we were at an ice skating rink which was surrounded by glass, and Kyle skated over to me and said, "Mom, you've gotta come see this!" I skated around to where he had been and there was a continent-of-Africa-shaped crack in the glass. Really! I wish I would've taken a picture.

So, imagine how excited I was this morning to find Africam.com! I sat with my coffee this morning and watched a bunch of monkeys have their late-afternoon snack (of whatever they were digging out of the dirt.) So cute!

Most of the cams are still shots updated every five minutes or so, but this one is streaming video.


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