Monday, February 26, 2007

Moody Science Classics

My sweet son and I are spending some time together this evening while Dad took sister to her guitar lesson. We've looked through a book together, watched a couple of fun lego "brick films" (fascinating stop-action lego movies that people have made). Right now, though, he's watching a science video. And it's not even "school time" or anything!

We recently ordered the complete set of Moody Science Classics from Vision Forum at a great discount. Our homeschool association bought the set last fall for our library, and as the librarian I've had them for us to watch (unless they are checked out). After six months of watching them repeatedly and utilizing them to enrich our science studies, I've been so impressed with them. My son has loved them so much that my husband and I decided to go ahead and invest in a set for our family. I can't write a review of them that describes them as adequately as the one at the Vision Forum website, so if you get a chance, go on over and read about them if you think your family would enjoy them. They ran the set recently for $136, the same price they offered last fall. (They are sold through CBD, Home Science Tools and other places, though I haven't found them at this good a price for the set- a little over $7 per video.) I encourage you to check them out if you ever get a chance, or perhaps get on Vision Forum's email list to be notified when they put them on sale again (which I'm sure they will.) These videos, and the message they contain, have really blessed our family.

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Kelly said...

I have been interested in purchasing these for a while--glad to have the positive review.


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