Friday, February 23, 2007

THIS is why I homeschool:

This is what the back of our van looked like Monday morning! We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to west Texas to visit my sweet grandmother. The kids each packed a duffle, I packed a small bag, grabbed a crate o' school and we were off. My daughter also brought her guitar so she could practice and play along with my grandmother, who plays too. Fun!

Very little in the "crate o' school" got done this week, but they learned so much. We went along with grandmother on her rounds in the nursing homes where she volunteers. They learned how to listen, smile, and love. We played lots and lots of Chicken Foot dominoes (math). We ate each day down at the Senior Center in her town, where they had wonderful conversations with older generations and cleared the trays for them when they were through (social studies). We heard about grandad's time in the occupational forces in Japan in WWII, and about ration books. We looked at old family pictures. (history) We talked about how jelly is made and investigated the leak under her sink. (science) We drove her to a neighboring town for her eye appointment and waited while she had her eyes checked, and they had read their books while they waited (literature). They listened to stories of God's provision in her life and sang old hymns (Bible). Most of all, they learned that we don't always know what tomorrow brings, so if God lays it on your heart to go visit someone, even if you've got a crazy schedule... do it! That's a lesson I've needed to learn for years.

I hope you've had a blessed week!


playingschool said...

What a great trip you guys had! It's good sometimes to just put the books away, isn't it? And, what is Chicken Foot dominoes? :-)

Sherri said...

Hi Cyndi,
I am a new visitor to your blog, so I wanted to introduce myself. I am Sherri...wife to Jeff and mom to Madison, Patrick, and Carter. I pulled my children out of public school last year to start homeschooling. It has changed our lives...we are so happy.
I hope you don't mind me dropping by.
Come visit us at OurPlace!

Kelly said...

You have captured the beauty of homeschooling. THanks for sharing about your trip!

Cyndi said...

I added a link to the rules for chicken foot dominoes. I guess that does sound "interesting," LOL. It's fun!


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