Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grade 5

EDIT: When I originally posted this, I left off Handwriting Without Tears. For both our sakes, I hope it lives up to its name... ;)

I've put together Kyle's grade 5 work to fit the year using a spreadsheet like I did for Bethany's. Here's what he's got coming this year:

Math: Math-U-See Epsilon (possibly transitioning to Teaching Textbooks if grade 6 is released mid-year)
Science: BJU Science 5
Critical Thinking/ Logic:
The Fallacy Detective (fall semester) read aloud
The Thinking Toolbox(fall semester) read aloud
Revenge of the Riddle Spiders cd rom
Mind Benders cd rom
ELA (English/Language Arts):
Spelling: Abeka- Spelling, Vocabulary and Poetry 5 (fall)
Grammar: God's Gift of Language B (spring)
Writing: IEW- Student Writing Intensive A
Literature: BJU Pages in My Head, Selections from Veritas 5
Foreign Language:
Switched On Schoolhouse Elementary French
Latin: Latina Christiana
History: Story of the World 3 (Late Renaissance, Early Modern)
Money Matters For Kids (fall semester)
Greater Health God’s Way (spring semester) read aloud

While he is going through the IEW course this fall, I have only scheduled spelling during that time. We will be going through the Abeka spelling course, doing two lists per week in the fall, simply going through the book together doing some of the activities orally and spelling them aloud as well. Andrew Pudewa (of IEW) suggests doing spelling orally if possible since it is a sequential skill. I never realized that was why Kyle has wanted to spell his words aloud for years, and I just realized that was why! I am sort of adapting Pudewa's spelling approach using the Abeka book, since we already had it. (Kyle is a very strong speller anyway, and I've always liked Abeka's challenging words.) Depending on how the IEW course goes, and given the intense English grammar that is covered in the Latina Christiana courses, we may drop the Abeka grammar altogether. As it stands, I have scheduled Language B for spring, to be completed mostly orally.

We'll see how it goes!

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