Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Homeschooling works for us. It just does. It has made our life easier. It just has. I was the biggest skeptic about homeschooling (in general) and my own ability to do so (in particular). I would've never thought I would (or could, or even should) homeschool. We live in a great district with top-notch schools and wonderful teachers. But for us, educating our kids at home isn't about what the schools aren't, it's about what homeschooling is. There is plenty out there on the internet (and on this blog) to read about what, specifically, homeschooling is, or can be for your family. I just wanted to post on WFMW, as we enter our 8th year of it... that homeschooling works! When I first began praying about school choices for my daughter, all of a sudden homeschooling (which I'd never even heard of, muchless considered before) popped up everywhere for me- articles, TV, people I met, blurbs in the newspaper, online... Maybe, just maybe, you clicked this post today because you should at least consider it, too. :)

It may not work for everyone, but it works for me!

For more great tips from some really smart moms, visit: Rocks In my Dryer. Have a great Wednesday!


This Pastor's Wife said...

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

Susanne said...

I have a couple of years before I have to decide something for my daughter, but your post is food for thought. There are so many resources out there nowadays!

ladyofvirtue said...

Great post--I know what you mean. It's been working for us "officially" since 1989.

Gina said...

You sound like me three years ago. We're entering out third year homeschooling and I'm still praying for the day I can say it works for the entire family. There's been some struggles, but I'm determined to make it work unitl God tells me otherwise.

Beck said...

I live in an area with cruddy schools and yet my kids are going back to school this fall... sigh. I lack the confidence in myself to homeschool, I guess. I'm glad - but jealous - that it works for you.

Honey said...

Thank you for the encouragement. :) My husband is my best cheerleader in this area as we plan for the future. I just saw a tip on another WFMW "Affordable Preschool Curriculum" and ordered a month to try it out with my almost 2 and 3 1/2 yr olds. I have a Preschool Curriculum book, and my husband reminds me how creative I am, that I could make my own curriculum. Trying out a tried & true curriculum will help give me the confidence that I can do it, and more importantly remind me to rely on GOD for continued direction for home schooling. :) Thanks for sharing your experience! :)


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