Thursday, August 24, 2006

So long, Pluto

Well, we're a little sad this morning. Pluto's no longer considered a planet! I guess we'll have to learn a new jingle to memorize the planets,replacing "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas." For now the kids have decided to change "Nine" to "Nerds." No Pizza. Hmph. One of the articles I read said that Pluto will have to be effectively "airbrushed" out of textbooks now. There are officially only eight planets in our solar system. What was agreed upon in the scientific world and taught as "fact" to generations... is out. Every science textbook in every school at this very moment... has some wrong information in it.

We still love ya, Pluto.

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Another Mater said...

Hello, Mater Magistra! I just discovered your homeschool blogspot. I was struck by the number of coincidences in our stories. I too am a teacher who took time out to be a homeschool Mom. My youngest is now a junior at William & Mary College. I am now a teacher at a classical Christian school. On the first day of school one of my science students wanted my opinion about the change in Pluto's status. For many years my students have been able IM me for homework help using my screen name Matermagistra. I used to teach first year Latin for a school while I was still homeschooling my two youngest children. I am impressed with all the wonderful reading and ministry you do in addition to your homeschooling. My middle child attended a Christian college and now is a first grade teacher at a Christian school. She brings the mindset of homeschooling as much as possible into her classroom. How blessed we all are to be living in a country where we can make the choice to attend public, private or homeschool. At times I would wonder if homeschooling was a good idea as not many were doing it 20+ years ago, but I have to share that I am convinced that I have that my grown children are strong in their love of the Lord and independent personalities that continue to amaze me with their wisdom and continued pursuit of life-long learning because of homeschooling. Blessings upon all the Moms who are educating your children in an adventurous way. Another Mater Magistra


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