Thursday, August 03, 2006

Missing Pieces

Oops! I left some key pieces out of the 7th grade planning puzzle!

For Bible we will be using her Awana Trek 27-7 curriculum. It's new this year and looks great! We will also be incorporating the Sonlight Bible 7 books for 7th and 8th grade.

For Art, which they do together, we have loved Atelier. It is video-based, which helps me, and it is a very thorough sampling of the various branches of art. The kids have done some wonderful projects the past two years that we used it. I highly recommend this program for those who need some structure and "oomph" in this area like I do.

Last year she really enjoyed taking violin lessons, but this year she's interested in guitar. There is a guitar class starting at our church this fall which I think we'll put her in for music. The three of us are still working through some recorder curriculum my mom-the-awesome-music-teacher put together for us. I also have been reading through Usborne Introduction to Music with them. It's been a good overview of the types of music, along with internet links to go to and listen.

She takes gymnastics and also helps teach tots gymnastics one day per week as part of her P.E. but I also require them to do at least 30 minutes of something physical each day. I have a bucket of jump ropes, balls, etc. if they aren't sure what to do, but they usually ride bikes, walk/run on the treadmill, do an exercise video or do something with our little set of hand/ankle weights. I'm thinking we may start taking a walk first thing in the morning 3 days a week this year. I want to be sure we all get outside more each day.

Good grief, all of this seems like a lot. But I think homeschooling is wonderful because it has given us the gift of time. There is time to do what we need to do, and it gets done if I am diligent and disciplined with our time. But, that's another post for another day... ;)

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