Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sleepover Logic

As I've posted recently, we're reading through The Fallacy Detective and we're really enjoying it. This week we've been discussing "red herrings," introducing an irrelevant point and avoiding the question.
Kyle was invited to spend the night with a friend tonight. This particular boy is a really sweet boy of a family who goes to our church. He's never spent the night at this boy's house, and really hasn't spent much time at all with him in the last few months (the boy goes to public school and they don't see each other all that much) but he was excited to go spend the night. I was giving him my usual before-sleepover speech about manners and acceptable movies, and I mentioned that he needed to be sure not to get involved in any inappropriate conversations (since I haven't been around this boy in awhile, and since 10-year-old-boys will be 10-year-old-boys...) I said, "So, if something inappropriate comes up, you know to change the subject, right?" to which he replied, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll call it, 'Operation: Red Herring!' "

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