Monday, July 31, 2006

Aaargh... Good Reading, Matey!

I received my Veritas Press order a couple of weeks ago. This year I ordered these books, recommended by VP for grade 5. They are better than I expected! All three are beautifully illustrated, with nice, glossy pages. Truly quality books. Great stories, too!

With the current "Pirates of the Caribbean" craze, a pirate-themed book will capture most 10-year-old boys' imaginations!

Blackthorn Winter
"Set on the eastern seaboard in the third year of the reign of good Queen Anne, this pirate novel contrasts righteous behavior and foolishness. The story follows the service of fifteen-year-old Thomas Ingle on the Prudent Hannah under the honorable Captain Monroe and then their unfortunate tour on the Lady Constance. Treasure, financial hardship, and pirate mystique all add to the cleverly woven tale. Kid's won't put it down, and you won't either." Kyle discovered it the day it came and started reading it immediately. I managed to pry it away from him and put it away for school, though.

Here are the other titles we bought, along with the description from the catalog:

Susan Creek
"Sequel to Blackthorn Winter, yet clever enough to stand on its own. Wilson's further venture into historic fiction once again captured the discerning interest of our four boys and will captivate your students, too. Set during the Great Awakening, this story provides inimitable opportunity for proving how godly boys become godly men. "

Squalls Before War
"Using extensive research and the actual logs of her tour of the colonies from 1768-1772, a tale is spun about the Royal Navy's smallest schooner. The Boston Massacre, the Great Awakening and even George Washington play a part in this account of colonial life. It's as close to being there as is possible without a time machine!"

Kyle will be reading these this year, along with some selections from Sonlight, usually sequenced according to this helpful booklist. From the looks of it, though, the above books will be a highlight!

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