Monday, July 03, 2006

Medieval Times

Last night we took a break from 2006 USA and travelled back in time to 1093 Spain. We capped off (or should I say "crowned") our study of the Medieval/Early Renaissance with a trip to Medieval Times restaurant. It was fun! We cheered for the Red Knight who, alas, was defeated by the Green Knight. We then threw our full support behind the Black and White Knight who was our ally. The show was full of great theme music, beautiful horses and costumes, lots of dry ice, special effects, spotlights and plenty of combat. And, bonus- we got to eat our entire meal with our hands!

Last time we studied this time period, we went to a Renaissance fair. This time we decided we'd do Medieval Times restaurant. Next time we cycle back through the Renaissance/ Reformation (as I've already noted in my 2009 lesson plan book) we'll just go to Europe. And since we always do everything in my plan book, I'm sure it will happen...


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