Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer School

So, I had decided that we would get back to business, academically speaking, on July 10. We have already been "off" since the middle part of May when Bethany was preparing to go to China. I have found that if we take big chunks of time completely off from working on certain subjects ::cough:: math ::cough::, we forget.

As I planned it, Monday, July 10 was to be the day. Yep. Got it down. Sunday they were invited to spend the night with their cousins and spend all day Monday at the lake with their Grandma, aunts, and cousins before they all went to Vacation Bible School that evening. Well, that was that. Monday at the lake. (Which I was glad for, they don't spend enough time with their sweet cousins.)

Okay, Tuesday! That's when we'll "hit it." (I've always said "hit it." Awhile back I said, "We're really gonna---" and Bethany broke in and said, "I know. 'Hit it.' " LOL) Well, I woke up full of plans, got dressed and ready... and then spent the day battling dizziness and what I believe to have been a mild migraine. I asked the kids if either of them had put a hex on me... They looked at each other innocently and denied it, but I'm still not convinced.

Alrighty, then. Wednesday it is. I feel much better today. We'll see what happens!


Holly said...

You are hilarious!

BTW, looks like we're continuing on in our homeschool journey :)!

...kind of a long story...

Cyndi said...

Well, I don't have any good "sleeping in school" pictures yet. Now *that's* funny stuff. ;)

I think I knew you were hs'ing, because you were buying curriculum in May (though we missed each other at the book fair.) Fun!!! You are an awesome homeschooler. Your kids are so, so blessed.

It's *all* a long story, ha ha...


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