Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We have Contact...

We saw these wooden chalkboard bins at Target a couple of weeks ago and thought they were cute idea, but they ranged in price from $9.99 to $24.99 apiece, which was more than I wanted to spend. Plus, being wooden, they were pretty heavy. That same week at the Mardel sale, I bought a roll of chalkboard Contact paper, just because I thought it was pretty cool! Last week at Dollar General I found some bins that I liked for $2 and $3 and copied the idea from Target:

These are for the kids to turn their work/ daily binders in each day to be checked/ graded. I've always done Bethany's "stuff" in blue and Kyle's in green, so I can know at a glance whose is whose! I like having chalkboard on the bins so I can write fun notes of encouragement or reminders.

I have two shelves designated for all the teacher editions and extra resources that correspond with their respective curricula. These smaller bins hold the thinner, soft cover books really well, I think.

When we saw how cute the chalkboard-Contact looked on the boxes (and how easy it was to write on!) we looked around for other places to use it.

They each have one of those skinny Rubbermaid organizer carts (with the wheels off) next to their desks. Those have proven very useful and versatile over the years. Well, with a little chalkboard-Contact they are also a bit cuter! We've used it on these particular areas where the contents sometimes change, so a fixed label wouldn't be as useful.

We are having fun getting our school room spruced up with a few inexpensive touches. We've been doing a bit of summer school each day, but doing some new things to the school room is getting us in back-to-school mode as August approaches. (Next week!)

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Beck said...

Chalkboard Paper? Oh MY GOSH! That is SO COOL! I am putting that down on my list for the next time we go city shopping... wow!


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