Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun Stuff

Yesterday was the annual "educator sale" at Mardel. Usually at this point in the year, I've already acquired or at least ordered the bulk of our school books, and I always enjoy getting the "fun stuff" at 20% off at Mardel. This year I got:

*neon colored notebook paper
*"The Scrambled States of America" game
*"Mad Gab" Bible game
*a woodburning art kit
*Magicnuudles "bold stix" (same as the regular kind, but longer)
*a big tub of white Crayola Model Magic clay
*a pack of poster board
*a small science fair board
*chalkboard Contact paper
*construction paper
*Mary Engelbreit file folders
*fun highlighters that clip into your binder or on your bag
*neon colored notecards
*Post-it notes
*poster paint (I always buy big bottles of the primary colors and make them mix the colors themselves)
*"A&M" spiral and folder (Bethany picked these out for her-- a daily reminder to me that college is only 6 years away. No pressure there!)

In the "might-be-fun-but-not-necessarily" category I picked up the BJU Life Science Activity Manual for Bethany and "Handwriting Without Tears" Cursive Success for Kyle. Buried underneath this pile of "fun stuff" somewhere is my copy of The Organized Homeschooler that I bought a couple of nights ago at Barnes and Noble. Judging by the stacks and crates all around me, I need to start reading it!

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